1. @hertswombat whats that….. Wrexham have no history???? hahahaha
    cup winners cup semis, beating Arsenal, winning the first division…..

  2. @RONALJOELAA Whats that I hear? Oh yeah Wrexham have no history…I hope you enjoy your most glorious season in your history

  3. never seen a team more worthy to beat wrexham great fanbase double ours and a great quality team cant wait to play you this season coming.

  4. I’ve never been prouder to be a Wrexham fan than on this day.. throughout all the shit we’ve been through this season we’ve achieved so much. We lost on the day but boy did the fans celebrate, both sets, the celebration when we scored the first was so intense I almost passed out and the song at the end of “We’re proud of you” was magnificent, it summed up our season and thanks to the Luton fans who applauded us out of the ground and out of the town. See you next year at Kenilworth 🙂

  5. if you look at it all the luton goals it was realy good finishing,maybe wrexham need abit of that next time,anyway goodluck lucky luton.

  6. wrexham fans absolutely bossed the luton fans tbh, there was a time after the 2nd Luton goal went in that the wrexham fans were singing and realized that luton had shut up so the wrexham fans just went quiet to take the piss :L

  7. Honestly if Wrexham had scored that penalty I reckon they would have gone on to win the game. That opeing barrage for the first 30 odd mins was nail biting. I think our main problem was leaving Asafu-Adjaye on the left with virtually no support and wrexham were just cutting us apart at will. I just hope now we can do the business against whoever we get, most likely Wimbledon but you never what Fleetwood will turn up.

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