1. Yes the music is a little inappropriate. Maybe a dreary folk song or some explicit rap???? SUGGEST SOMETHING MAN

  2. Thanks. I might. Message boards & forums require so much account creating and password remebering. Its a real slog for me. I’ll take your word for it. Thanks mate : )

  3. I will be attending the WREXHAM home game in the same stand. If you want to do what you can do in your postion during that game I will happily meet you after and get the footage into what I produce. My email is xela3570@gmail.com

  4. As in the clips individually? Is that what RAW footage is? I’m not as technically minded as people assume.

  5. Thank you. That restores my faith in ‘football fans in general’. I had a lot of abuse recently from some fan of the oppostion Hyde were battering in an undeserved draw. THANKS MATE!

  6. Yyyyyyyeah, thats because I’m an unpaid amateur who wanted to just watch a game of football and capture what was going on around me. I couldn’t give a flying **** about the opposition. It says 2 – 1 because that was the result. Take care of yourself. Don’t leave the house without your carer.

  7. A million apologies for that. I’ll return all the cash I was given to do this immediatley, OH WAIT A SEC………

  8. Lovely stuff.

    Now play ‘back in black’ or ‘chase the ace’ fir your next video. I’m sure AC/DC won’t mind using there song haha

  9. Your most viewed video by a long way and that is in the space of 24 hours, you definitely need to make more County videos 🙂

  10. Superb stuff even though it shows the Harriers in defeat.

    I’ve added it to the Harriers Online video channel at KHFC TV

  11. who is the song by?

    great video btw would be nice if you could upload any crowd/pitch footage after the final whistle if you get chance 🙂

  12. Excellent stuff, enjoyed your Hyde video too. Visit again soon and get some Yellowboard-ers to buy you a pint 😉

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