1. if we can’t beat the best teams in the division we have no chance of progress.a new management team is needed.what about peter read or similar.

  2. Brabin & Carden are the Laurel & Hardy of the BSP…….
    Surely there time has come to be “Deleted!”

  3. even when we were winning the warning signs have been there – poor performances against Bath, alfreton, and mansfield recently at home. But apparently, according to Brabin, all that matters is the clean sheets and the fact that we’re defending well… Based on the footage above i’d say we can’t even do that

  4. We were a disgrace last night, one of the most hopeless and lacklustre displays I have ever had the displeasure of seeing in my twenty years of watching Luton. Props to Wrexham, they did their job. Brabin needs to go and take that fucking idiot Carden with him along with a few players I’m sick to the sight of.

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